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We are a group of up and coming DJs stationed in Starkville, MS. We create a unique show experience at every venue with our own light show and collaborative mix mastering. The Swanky Team picks up new fans and followers after every show, fans whom have been all but awe stricken. To Note: All genres are a “GO” for the Swanky Team, but we crave and excel anything with electronic influences. If you want a GREAT ALL INCLUSIVE show at a FANTASTIC PRICE to bring in a crowd to your business, venue, party, wedding reception, prom, and/or any other special event, GO SWANKY!!!!!! GENERAL INQUIRIES/BOOKING CONTACT INFORMATION Email : [email protected] Phone: 662-729-1FOX


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Exactly what we are NOT.  Bands for Hire Live! is not a booking agency.

We do not take a percentage of your hard earned money.  We do not get in between you and your customers.