About Bands For Hire Live!

What exactly does Bands For Hire Live! do?

Bands For Hire Live offers you something that no other website will: No booking agents, no middle men, no booking fees – NO ONE will get between you and your customers at ANY stage of the booking process. Bands, DJs and Specialty Acts simply sign up for one of several different membership packages, post their videos, photos, band bios, and more on a website that will get you MAXIMUM exposure to potential customers and event promoters.

How do you drive traffic to Bands For Hire Live!?

Your customers will contact you DIRECTLY from the site to hire you for their event, because there are no booking agents or middle men. How is your search engine placement for your band or DJ? When you go to Google, Bing, or Yahoo! and type in “name of your city + bands” or “name of your city + DJ” does your site come up at the top? Probably not, but it will when you sign up at Bands For Hire Live! Also, you will no longer need to build (or pay someone to build) a website. Depending on your membership level you can post videos, photos, band bios, MP3 demos, events, and most importantly, your DIRECT contact information. A Facebook page is not enough, MySpace pages are no longer on the map, and most high paying clients do not respect bands and DJs who send them links to these childish websites. High profile clients want to see bands and DJs that have legitimate sites where they can quickly access their information and book them for the event. That website is BandsForHireLive.com

Is Bands For Hire Live! free for event planners to use?

Yes! There are no fees or commissions to pay Bands For Hire Live! to browse or book any performers on our website. No booking agents, no middle men, just customers looking for a live band or DJ for hire, and over 450 cities full of live bands and DJs looking for customers.

Membership Questions

I can’t remember my password. How do I log in?

If you’ve lost your password, just click on “Forgot Password?” on the login page, and type in either the email address you used to create your account, or you user name. Your password will be emailed to your address, in a jiffy!

I can’t remember the email I used to create my account!

No problem. Just email us at [email protected]. We are happy to help.

Does this site really work for performers and vendors?

Well, of course it does! By creating a Bands For Hire Live! Listing, our members are instantly closer to getting high-paying gigs and tremendous opportunities than they ever were before. Our aim is to connect customers to our members. Visitors can contact you directly by phone or email. They can also visit your personal website through your bands’ listing. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the site for yourself!

How much does it cost to get listed?

Well, it depends on how much you want out of your listing. There are four different memberships levels to choose from… including a free trial version! That’s right… free. Click here for more pricing info.

Are there commissions or finder’s fees to pay when I am booked through BandsForHireLive.com?

Absolutely not! Bands For Hire Live will NEVER charge you any commissions or fees when people contact you through our site. Likewise, we never charge the buyer when you broker your own date. This is just one of the aspects of Bands For Hire Live that sets us apart from other online directories. No monkey business.

What will I get with a membership?

Didn’t we already tell you there’s no monkey business on Bands For Hire Live? Not only will we never hit you with commissions, but we also don’t charge for leads, like some other websites do. All of our account levels are eligible to receive leads in real-time, from your potential customer’s mouse-click right to your inbox.

What will I get with a membership?

First off, you will get your own customizable online listing which can be viewed by event planners all across the nation, and will give you access to more leads than you’ve ever had before!

How do I make my payment?

We work exclusively with PayPal, but via their system, you can also pay with a credit or debit card! First, visit our join page to choose your membership level, then you will automatically be taken to submit a PayPal payment for your listings to be approved!

If I can get a free page on a site like MySpace, why would I pay to join Bands For Hire Live!?

Serious event planners won’t typically search through tons of MySpace or other social networking site pages, just to hire entertainment for their functions. It’s true that those websites can help with networking needs, and we highly recommend using some of them, but Bands For Hire Live provides you with more valuable, real-time exposure as well as booking needs, which those other sites cannot provide.

I’m not computer proficient. Can someone at Bands For Hire Live! create my Listing for me?

Yes, we’d love to! From the Bands For Hire Live contact page, you can let us know that you’d like us to set up you listing for you, and we will make it look amazing! While it’s true that Bands For Hire Live is set up to be a self-service site, we know the task of customizing your listing can be daunting for some members. For a small fee, one of our awesome team members will set up your listing and have it running in no time! You can email us with all your files attached, or, if that is too much, just mail us a CD including the following materials: all relevant information regarding your services (text in digital format), images, audio/video files. When you request help, we will send you all the information on where to send things, at that time.

The small $39 fee covers a one-time listing creation using your materials. Any future updates to your listing would be billed at an hourly rate. Please note that we will not convert, edit or otherwise manipulate music or video files, and we cannot accept DVDs. We can only accept web-ready video files.

Still confused? Let us know on the contact page, and we’ll walk you through all of this computer “mumbo jumbo”.

What else can I get?

Can I purchase an ad on Bands For Hire Live?

In addition to your listing, any Premium member of Bands For Hire Live has a ‘Featured Slot’ under their top choice city highlighting your Band.

I need representation and am looking for an agent. Can Bands For Hire Live help me?

Not in the traditional sense you’re thinking of. At Bands For Hire Live we don’t represent talent in the traditional sense. Instead, we give you an outlet to promote your own talent by giving the bands and entertainers the tools to create their own online listing! This way, you will have the ability to showcase your services through bios, audio files, videos, and photos, and get access to opportunities nationwide! Now we think that’s some pretty excellent representation.

Why haven’t I joined Bands For Hire Live yet?

Because you’re still reading this FAQ! But that’s okay, because now it’s time to get your groove on. Click here to join now!

We know there are more questions you have, so if yours wasn’t answered, please contact us. We’d be glad to help!


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Exactly what we are NOT.  Bands for Hire Live! is not a booking agency.

We do not take a percentage of your hard earned money.  We do not get in between you and your customers.