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San Jose, California’s THE WET BANDITS are living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in a music landscape where genres have isolated bands and stifled new creative musical ideas. With voracious ep sales and their growing/loyal fan base, their fast rise is a testament into what this band brings to the table. Instead of picking one genre to focus on, the Wet Bandits combine their lifelong influences of jazz, R&B/Soul and Alternative Rock into a truly original, moving and sonic pulsed sound. Their confidence in songwriting is matched by an “all or nothing” live performance that engage any set of ears and bodies it reaches.

The Wet Bandits:

Adam Munoz: Guitars
Jarod Flores: Saxophones
Joseph Gabriel Guerrero: Keyboards & Synthesizers
Danny Akin: Bass Guitars
Gzan Villaluez: Drums

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