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The Wedding Crashers are the newest and most energized Kansas City wedding band! This band will “Crash” your wedding reception with smash hits from every generation including Motown, 70’s Disco, 80’s New Wave, 90’s Hip Hop and of course the top hits on today’s charts. The Wedding Crashers are the total package including one of the Nation’s best female vocalists, awesome saxophone, funky (or shredding) guitar, crazy keyboards and of course one of the best drummers in the Midwest. Have yourself a FUNKY GOOD TIME when you hire The Wedding Crashers, leave your friend’s weddings in the DUST by adding this exclamation point to your reception! These guys are FOR REAL. Gaining popularity very quickly, The Wedding Crashers are going to completely revolutionize the way we think of wedding bands. Traditional in the beginning, and then it’s “clubbin’ time when the hour gets late and the drinks are flowin’. Performing everything from Aretha to Gaga, The Wedding Crashers deliver the goods with a great stage show, talented musicians, and just enough class to make grandma happy – but not cheesy….no, not cheesy at all son.



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