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Founded on August 12th, 2013 by local musician, Matthew Wilson, of Indianapolis, IN, The Matt Wilson Band focuses on what they refer to as “feel good music” from a wide range of genres including; Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Rock, Blues, and even Classical. After performing in and reviewing the local musical acts, Wilson’s idea was to create a band that was relevant to all listeners. This was only achieved through careful selection of the band members.

The first member added to the band was Greg “Spud” Squires (Bass Guitar/Band Director). Squires grew up, learning the ropes of the music industry, with Wilson. He was already familiar with his leadership style and brought a very solid foundation to the band through his education and drive to be excellent. MWB continued to expand with the addition of CJ Warfield (Keyboards), who brought a new groove to the band.

Now possessing foundation and melody, the band now needed a pulse. One night while engineering a recording session Wilson met Cassius Goens (Drums/Percussion) who’s prowess with rhythm was second only to his overall knowledge of music. Upon hearing Goens play, Wilson decided that he was a great fit to help build the MWB dream. Though they were growing, the band still needed a little more soul. So, Wilson sought out local singer/songwriter Cliff Willis (Tenor BGV), to give the MWB movement energy, fun, and life. Wilson realized that the sound was progressing, but something was still missing. After playing a few gigs, it became evident that the band needed a guitar player. So finally, through the recommendations of a trusted associate, Wilson decided to seek out James “LB” Gilson (Lead Guitar), who added just the fire that the band needed to begin
blazing the local circuits of Indianapolis, IN.

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