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Fred (In earlier years), was leader of the Rock/Rhythm & Blues group (“Freddie and the Freeloaders”) And has played in clubs and stadiums throughout the US and Canada. For the last 8 years Fred has been playing Music specializing in Classic Rock, Country and Blues, He has been writing, arranging, playing and recording his own music and his style is what they would like to call “New England Country/Blues”. He currently has 25 albums on DeafEar Records consisting of original songs, classic Rock, Blues, Country ,Love songs, Elvis Classics, Patriotic, Gospel and Christmas songs. He also has 4 songs on the “United We Stand Album” and 4 songs on the Freedom Album on JIPrecords out of Nashville and some of the CD’s are available on his web site . Best Song Nominated for the 45 Grammy Awards The song “They’re all Angels now” , one of the four on the “United We Stand and the We’re The U.S.A. Album” was nominated for “Song of the year” in the General Field Category 3, song # 469 (In alphabetical order) He also won ‘Best song’ (Why I Play the Blues) at the Nashville song writers symposium in 2005. There were 150 Writers there ! If you are looking for unique music entertainment, ask for demo CD consisting of song samples from his CD’s which includes original songs and classic oldies. NOTE:  Fred sound like a 5-6 Piece Band. How does he do it – He Has taken all his songs and stripped out the singing , and lead guitar and put what is left on a laptop. He then uses Mr. Laptop to play the Bass and Drums plus sub leads and such along with his singing and playing making up the sound of a 6 piece band. If interested, Please contact Fred Prue at 339 440–2198 or [email protected] Thank you for your time

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