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Carlton Lynn Moak Grew up in SUmmit, Ms. stated singing on March 14,1973 with the song called ” King Jesus’ > SInce that first performance, God has opened many doors of opportunity for me all across the south and even into the northern part of the country. On October of 1994 I recorded for then 21st Century Records, under the direction of Nolan Capps. Just prior to that recording session, I was privileged to be invited to go and perform at ” THE JIM ED BROWN THEATER in Nashville, TN. FRom that booking I wound up on THE EARNEST TUBB MIDNIGHT JAMBOREE, located in the Troubedor THEATER. And then on to form the CARL LYNN TRIO that lasted some 10 years on the road .

Then is 2012 I Started what is now known as ” PERSUADED ONE”

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