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At an age when most of us are trying to decide our favorite Crayon color Patty Powers was writing a completely different script for herself. She didn’t realize it, of course; she was, after all, only three years old. But as she’d sing Harry Nilsson’s Everybody’s Talkin’ to the delight of her modest audience (her parents and siblings) a star was being born.
This homespun honing of her craft has paid off dividends, for in the ensuing years Patty has parlayed her natural gifts into a fine career as a recording artist. Her vocal performances on her current album, A Perfect Love, evoke the integrity of Ella Fitzgerald, the energy of Chaka Khan, and the honesty of Roberta Flack. Patty’s love for singing is eclipsed only by her appreciation for others who create music at the highest level. This is why if you were to ask her about moments of extraordinary bliss and gratitude, she would include in the conversation performing live with Steve Gadd and Tony Levin.

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