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Pure. Raw. Real.
This is the staple of Green’s music. He, and Manager, Andy B, challenge themselves with producing “untouched” music – no special glossing over vocals, no electronic effects – just pure singing. A staple in his style, Marquis is an artist who’s sound is consistent from CD to Live performance – with a few extras.

Marquis Green hails from the city of Huntsville, Alabama. The love of music for Marquis began at a very early age, listening to greats like Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, The Chilites and Michael Jackson. This love of the classics among other things created distention between Marquis and his schoolmates. After many nights of reading over words he’d penned in his moments of solitude – singing tunes he’d fashioned in his head, patterning the musical legends – he realized that the music he loved so fervently was embedded in his soul.

With his first release, “Love on the Run”, Marquis is gearing up for his first EP release, “Find your Heart” featuring friend and Mentor Noel Gourdin.

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