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Jethro and the Cement Pond – Uncle Jed made a million dollars on the oil well. He moved to Beverly Hills. He drank too much of Granny’s moonshine tonic and ended up in Orange County. The Hillbillies needed some entertainment, so he bought Jethro a guitar and put a crazy funk band behind him.

The rest is history and can be witnessed at various locations in the Orange County area. C’mon Uncle Jed and let’s eat! As once quoted by Uncle Jed himself, “If brains were lard, Jethro wouldn’t have enough to grease a pan”.

Jethro and the Cement Pond perform toe tapping sing-along music from Ben Folds, Billy Joel, Elton John, Sublime, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to all of your favorite dance hits from Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, Van Morrison, Next, Tone Loc, Green Day, and heck even some good old country music. There is not a more versatile or affordable three piece variety band in the midwest.

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