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Doctor Robert is a new-generation Beatles Tribute Band. Dressed in “Ed Sullivan”-style suits (and a black mod-style dress), Casey Falter, Karen Janssen, Kevin Reinert and Ben Wright bring great enthusiasm and a fresh sound to the classic music and genius of the Beatles. With a current repertoire of over 80 songs chosen from the entire Beatles’ catalog, we spice it up for our audiences by changing the song list for each performance with customized sets for dancing or listening. While we have added a few twists and turns to some of the numbers, listeners have been quick to point out how much respect Doctor Robert brings to the music of The Beatles, as well as how infectious the energy is during our performances! The Beatles wrote possibly the most important collection of music of any band in the history of rock and roll. With over 200 songs written and recorded, their extensive, far-reaching influence is undeniable.

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