Bands For Hire Live! – Where bands connect directly with their customers

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Bands for Hire Live! – Where bands connect directly with their customers.  No booking agents, no middle men, just customers looking for a live band or DJ for hire, and over 450 cities full of live bands and DJs looking for customers.

Bands for Hire Live! Is a ground breaking new concept that directly connects live bands and DJs to customers seeking to hire live bands and DJs.  Serving over 450 cities in the United States, offers bands and DJs from all over the country ready to perform for your upcoming wedding reception, corporate event, convention, charity fundriaser, festival or nightclub.  Our band and DJ locating service is FREE to the customer looking for a live band or DJ for an event.  For bands and DJs we offer several different membership options to optimize your exposure and help you land more gigs. is an amazing new resource that is user friendly from both the customer’s side and the band / DJ’s side.

A great live band or DJ can set the mood of the entire evening!  It is important to find the perfect type of entertainment for your event, whether it be a variety dance band, a rock and roll band, tribute band, jazz band, blues band, country band or DJ, here at Bands for Hire Live! You will find them all.  For instance, if you are organizing a wedding party, perhaps a themed band that matches your overall wedding theme can go great lengths in enhancing everyone’s fun, and making it night to remember for everyone involved. A great band or DJ that fits in with your party, will set an amazing and intense mood for your entire evening. Therefore, when you are looking for a band (or even multiple bands for, say, a concert) or a DJ, it is imperative to consider the type of guests who will attent your event and choose your entertainment accordingly.

When looking for a band to hire, it is also very important to consider their experience and ranking in the market. Just in case you are not able to find a reliable band in your area, researching bands on the internet may be the best option for you. When you are looking online, you will come across many lists of the different bands playing in your area.  This is where comes in. Bands For Hire Live is a comprehensive listing of performers searchable by their various genres, as well as by city, giving you an amazing resource for finding reputable bands to fit any occasion. Best of all, Bands For Hire Live is not a booking agency!  We simply connect you directly to the band itself, saving you money which is better spent on the rest of your event. No agents or booking fees means a faster and easier process for you, as well as giving you an opportunity to talk directly to the people you need, and explain your event and what you’re looking for. This new sleek and timesaving website has just launched, and is already helping people all over the country save time and money.


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Exactly what we are NOT.  Bands for Hire Live! is not a booking agency.

We do not take a percentage of your hard earned money.  We do not get in between you and your customers.