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We play all the fun music you love, and some you have forgotten about. This band is about passion. The project was started with one goal in mind- to meld music that we were passionate about with fans and patrons who are just as passionate about it. -Devon Pulliam Biography The band started in March of 2011 working with Devon Pulliam, Eric Disbro, and Larry Wissig. The guys got together with one objective: form a band that plays to the strengths and passions of the band members. Band “chemistry” was also of utmost importance. With that in mind there was really only one choice on Bass Guitar- Joe Gibson. Joe started with the band in June of 2011 after prior commitment…s were through. There were a great deal of “stops and starts” along the way, but now the band is on a regular practice schedule and looking forward to a full slate of bookings in 2012.

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