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Barakemi is ​Afro-Brazilian-Axé-Dance-Music. We represent unity, compassion and a love for life. Barakemi’s music is based in Afro Brazilian traditions and blended with today’s popular styles from Bahia, Brazil and the California Bay Area. Julio Remelexo is the lead singer and founder of Barakemi. He started out in Salvador, Bahia Brazil as a drummer in the Afro-Bloco Ilê Aiyê in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and has since been playing and singing all over the world. He started Barakemi in 2017 with a desire to tie in more pop elements to his music while still honoring his roots. Julio is known for his lively, energetic performances including dancing while playing, and unique tricks with instruments. He loves inspiring people to get up and dance together. He not only brings together in dance but with the messages of his songs, always working to write music that means something and will make a difference in the world. Our shows can include Brazilian dancers when requested.

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